About Us:

  1. Consultative services
    1. The Preparatory phase:
      1. Check review all tender documents (Charts, Tables, Quantities and Conditions)
      2. Assisting companies for presenting the offers
      3. Compare all the offers and prepare a list of Recommended companies to contract
    2. Contracting phase
      1. Discuss all terms of the offer
      2. Prepare the final version of the contract to be signed by the two teams
    3. Implementation phase
      1. Issuance of all the necessary instructions to the contractor to performs the work as stated in the conditions and contract documents
      2. Check and review the timetables that submitted by contractors
      3. Inspection and testing of all materials, goods, tools and equipment that to be used by the contractor to complete the works and issue the necessary approvals
      4. Checking and issuing approvals on all workshop schemes that submitted by the contractor
      5. Checking and issuing approvals on all schemes by the reality implemented that provided by the contractor
      6. Cchecking and issuing approvals on all BOQ that submitted by the contractor
      7. Approval of all tests and calibrations and operating methods that implemented by the contractors for the implementation of their obligations according to the contract documents
  2. Implementation services
  3. The engineers this section in various specializations, electricity, mechanics, control, low voltage and automating they implement the electrical and mechanical works and that content all of the (HVAC systems, low voltage, Automation & Control works and Plumbing of sanitary works) by adopting on a distinguished staff of specialized engineers and highly qualified technicians. IEG group relies on a global manufactured Companies where IEG group are representation their in Syria, Including:

    • German GEA company that specialized manufacturing equipment, central air conditioning Chillers, Treatment Units and Fan Coil
    • The Austrian Schrack Company that Specialized in fire systems
    • Sweden Tac company specialized in HVAC systems and BMS system
    • English Vista company specialized in equipment of monitoring cameras and recording

    Projects engineers are supported by the following:

    1. Specialized workshop for assembling electrical panels of all kinds: mains distribution boards, sub main distribution boards, control panels boards for MCC and Automation control panels
    2. Shop drawing team works in harmonious with the requirement of project engineers and supervisor engineers
    3. A specialist engineers team in automation and control and the low current are follow-up the sequence and the quality of the execution of the low current due to its accuracy and its sensitivity and work down to the programming, operation and calibration with electrical and mechanical equipment in order to achieve the requirements of the owner and the Advisory
    4. A number of technicians staff that specialized in implementation of duct works and extension cables works these teams are got a high expertise of implementation through a large number of projects that have works with it.

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MCC2 MCC Panel MCC and BMS PanelArmitage Hotel

Rotana Afamia Damasqino Mall MCC Panel

MCC Panel

MCC Panel MCC Panel

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